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Thread: Gaming Chairs

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    Default Gaming Chairs

    I got mine from Office Works. Just go there, test some out and pick the one you want. I would suggest increasing your budget because if you are going to sit on it a lot for the next few years, might as well have a comfortable one.

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    I would suggest you, use Ace Bayou by X Rocker which comes with the comfy cushion and a control panel to control the volume. You can sit for longer hours as the high back and dense cushion supports your spine and butt as well.

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    If you can afford it I really recommend a Herman Miller Aeron. They cost a small fortune but I've never had a more comfortable chair. They have a 10 year warranty as well so that's a plus. I'm quite fond of the ZQ Raging Alien as well. It's a lot cheaper and is one of the most comfortable of the racing style gaming chairs I've sat in.

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    My gaming set up is in front of a TV so my chair of choice is a recliner.

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    Gaming involves a hell lot of focus, concentration, and intensity at the same time. Top keep this criterion on the same level a gamer requires a gaming chair that keeps him stable for the entire gaming period.

    I required a similar gaming chair for longer hours and a friend suggested me to see this []

    Every chair is unique in its own way and varies from user to user. Hope it helps!

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    hjeheheheheheh That's a awesome image. well done. I have diablo x-one. Very good for a long gaming day. You should check it. I bought it in Europe and spend around $150.

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    DxRacer is amazing. I love my damn DXRacer chair.

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    you might want to spend a little time browsing this page

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