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Thread: Gaming Chairs

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    Default Gaming Chairs

    I got mine from Office Works. Just go there, test some out and pick the one you want. I would suggest increasing your budget because if you are going to sit on it a lot for the next few years, might as well have a comfortable one.

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    I would suggest you, use Ace Bayou by X Rocker which comes with the comfy cushion and a control panel to control the volume. You can sit for longer hours as the high back and dense cushion supports your spine and butt as well.

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    If you can afford it I really recommend a Herman Miller Aeron. They cost a small fortune but I've never had a more comfortable chair. They have a 10 year warranty as well so that's a plus. I'm quite fond of the ZQ Raging Alien as well. It's a lot cheaper and is one of the most comfortable of the racing style gaming chairs I've sat in.

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    My gaming set up is in front of a TV so my chair of choice is a recliner.

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    When a gamer spends 6 to 7 hours per week playing on an ordinary chair, just imagine the condition of the back, arms and the shoulders. The effect is felt after few days, and the reason remains unknown.

    Thatís why for that I would suggest Ace Bayou X Rocker gaming chair that gives you maximum comfort while playing. The ergonomically designed chair is made in the USA with heavy-duty vinyl upholstery which is easy to clean.

    The thick foam layer at the back gives the utmost comfort to our back, neck, and your butts. It maintains the arc of your spine and the lower back is well supported by the contoured lumbar support removing the fear of developing a hump in the back.
    Now, waiting for your turn becomes easier as you can rest your hands on the armrests until the next game starts. So this one is the best buy for a hardcore gamer coming just under $200.

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