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Thread: Gaming Chairs

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    Default Gaming Chairs

    Gaming Chairs,
    Where we enthrone our behinds and cushion our butts.
    A comfortable chair is always a bonus to any gaming session, and that's what I'm looking for, that and Pics of chairs you guys may have.

    Simple, I currently have some excess money that I feel the need to spend and what I feel my PC gaming experience lacks is a decent chair.
    ATM I'm using a $60 Kmart computer chair so I pretty much can only go up from there.

    So Ladies and Gentlemen,
    Point me to the bargins for the thrones of gaming, show me the dreams and the realities, and point me to a decent chair, but show me the highs and lows along the way.

    And excuse the grandoise language, ive been playing too many immersive RPG's recently and my butt hurts from my POS chair

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    Default Gaming Chairs

    $200 chair from Officeworks. So worth it.

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    Default Gaming Chairs

    I'm using a chair from our outdoor setting =/

    It's doing wonders for the carpet!

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    Default Gaming Chairs

    I'm currently using some kind of chair which is basically a metal frame with a yoga ball in it. It's good for your back, because if you don't sit up straight you fall off.

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    Default Gaming Chairs

    Leather office chair from Kmart... Was $169... I got it it for $59.

    It's very comfy!

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    Default Gaming Chairs

    A fully adustable one I scored when someone else was throwing it out. Everything can be moved in pretty much any direction, which isn't to be underestimated. It doesn't rock backwards and forwards, which I first thought would be a pain, but to be honest once I got it adjusted to suit me properly I found I didn't miss that in the slightest.

    Off topic, shouldn't this be in Hardware? Or in Rhubarb, if the techies don't think a chair is hardware enough?

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    Default Gaming Chairs

    Go to Office Works, its where I got mine, they have stacks of chairs which you can freely sit on.

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    Default Gaming Chairs

    Got mine for $49.00 from Officeworks, pretty decent chair for the price.

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    Default Gaming Chairs

    Be wary. I got a real lemon of a chair from Officeworks a while back. It wasn't cheap either.

    The Furniture Works Arlington Manager's Chair is riddled with so many design flaws that you wonder whether they were deliberate. Do not buy this chair.

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    Default Gaming Chairs

    its Shocking how good this chair is

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