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    Default Forum Guidelines


    The formal/legal statements of site policies and usage requirements can be found here: The Legal Stuff.

    PC PowerPlay Forums is a corporate-provided forum board. The content posted presents an image of the magazine, its staff and its parent company. In your participation here you are required to act in responsible and friendly fashion, in accordance with the Rules and Guidelines which have been put in place. When discussing 'mature' issues you are required to do so in mature and responsible fashion. In all other respects you must ensure that your contributions are 'Family Friendly'.

    This document is not a comprehensive rule set. Forum supervisors are entrusted with the responsibility of ensuring that Corporate mandated rules and guidelines are met in practical fashion, and necessarily often need to exercise their 'judgement' in doing so. They have their own set of 'Guidelines' to follow when making decisions or taking actions.

    Please abide by the 'Spirit of Participation' which this guideline document represents.

    Prohibited Behaviours and Content


    You are required to particpate here in friendly and respectful fashion. Harassment includes stalking, baiting, name-calling and other personal insults, and other such behaviours. There is a fine line between debating with someone or giving advice and attacking them personally. Attacking the argument is acceptable. Name-calling or other exercises in attacking the person are not acceptable. Please have respect for other people, their opinions and their actions, no matter how much you may disagree with them.

    If you feel that someone is trolling or flaming you then please report the behaviour to a moderator and move on, rather than responding publicly in your postings. People who troll crave for a reaction. If you ignore them, they will usually go away.

    Racism/Sexism/Other Intolerances

    Any remark (whether explicit or implied) which discriminates against a race, nationality, gender, religion or social group is strictly prohibited. The fact that it is only a 'soft' or 'common' remark does not excuse such behaviour. There are other forum boards where your expressions of intolerance, bigotry otr hatred will be welcomed. This is not one of them!

    Obscenities, innuendo and general 'adult' content

    Word filtering implemented on this forum is intended to mask the appearance of obscenities. It is not intended to act as an excuse or endorsement of the posting of obscenities, so please do not include excessive or gratuitous obscenities in your postings. Despite the 'swear filter', doing so may attract supervisor intervention or even punitive action.

    Discussion of 'adult' and/or controversial issues is permissible, but is required to be conducted in mature and responsible fashion.

    Linking to or reproducing instructions for performing illegal activities is strictly prohibited. Obscene or otherwise highly offensive images are strictly prohibited.

    Warez, piracy and peer-to-peer discussion

    Mature and responsible discussion of warez, piracy and peer-to-peer issues and activities is permitted here, but direct links to illicit content or explicit instructions about how to obtain or use such content, or otherwise circumvent copy protections is prohibited.

    Please exercise common sense in this matter, and seek elsewhere for your sources, instructions and assistances. This is a forum provided by a publishing company, and which relies upon the continued support of advertisers for its existance. There is a distinct difference between discussing emultion and prividing links to ROMs. There is a distinct difference between admitting that you pirated a game way back when and crowing about your massive collection of pirated content.

    For further clarification please see this announcement posted by former Editor Timothy C Best.

    Additional Guidelines

    Please note that some forum sections (such as Swap Meet) have their own section-specific guidelines which must be followed.

    Rhubarb is a more relaxed 'lounge' area and more tolerance will be exercised there. Discussions is for more considered, serious discussion of current issues, so please refrain from posting there unless you actually do have a considered opinion to express. In all sections of the board (other than Rhubarb) please refrain from hijacking other people's topic with off-topic comments or your own problems/questions.


    From time to time forum Moderators might edit your posts to remove non-permitted content from them, remove your post altogether, close (lock) forum threads or maybe remove particular threads from public view.

    Forum moderators are reluctant to issue formal 'Warnings' (Infractions) or Bans, but will do so if your behaviour on the forum warrants such a step.

    Complaining about individual moderator actions and interventions in your forum postings is prohibited. If you have issues with or concerns about individual actions taken then please communicate your concerns in a Private Message to the moderator involved or to another member of the Supervisory Team. Your concern will be discussed in the Moderators section of the board, and the decision/action will be reviewed and altered if considered necessary by the team overall.

    Please be aware, though, that your forum Moderators are quite good at detecting when such complaints are really just exercises in members entertaining themselves by being a 'pest'. Wasting the time of the volunteer Supervisors in such fashion could well see your penalty increased!

    Should you have general concerns about supervision of the board, the Forum Feedback section is the place to air them.

    Duplicate Accounts

    If you receive a ban, please do not create a 'duplicate' account to circumvent it. Your 'dupe' account will be banned, and the ban on your original account will be increased as punishment. We are suprisingly good at sussing out 'dupe' accounts so don't risk it.

    Tolerance will be exercised, however, if you have received a 'permanent' forum ban and then later create a new account in order to participate here again in more responsible fashion. In this circumstance 'more responsible fashion' will NOT include the use of such an account to crow about your former forum misdeeds!

    Account Security

    Please note that it is up to you to ensure that your account remains 'secure'. This means making sure you log out when using a public or shared computer, and making sure that anyone using your own computer does not use your forums account. If someone else posts prohibited content under your user name and you receive a penalty, the excuse that 'it wasn't me' will not be accepted ' Accounts are password protected for a reason.
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