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    Have you tried using HDD tune to check for errors/bad sectors on the disks?
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    HDD tune says they're fine.

    The 2TB went raw again about a week since the last post in this thread and it wouldn't let me format it for ages. Formatted now but wtf is the point in using it if it just dies again.

    Only just lost permissions again the the 1.5TB, was fine for a while.

    Haven't been used the SSD.

    Edit: F*ck it can't take losing shit anymore and reinstalling windows and programs. I think I wont use those hdds anymore and just buy some new ones. I just really need the ssd to not die on me again.
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    Is the SSD in warranty for RMA?
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    ^I'm not sure, I'm not too worried as I'm sure it's not the HDDs fault because this is still happening....with new HDDs!
    Grrrr very annoying. I assume it's software(?). They haven't become raw (yet) but I'm loosing the rights to them now and then.

    Might be related, my programs like to stop responding for half a second every now and then.
    Feel like tossing the computer and starting again...

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    Have you at any stage attempted to defrag the SSD?
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