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    Question Website Software

    Hi, everyone. Now i have a little problem I think use all can solve. Im a member of a clan and we are creating a website, ATM we are using a free software, but we would like a proffesional looking software. Price isnt an issue currently, I know about V-bulletin, but we need a website not a forum. I was wondering if V-bulletin actually had a website designer included? What software does Pc Powerplay use for their website?Thanks for all the help and suggestions, and please don't go off at me if they use V-bulletin for there website. i havent had any experence with that product. Thanks

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    A website is more about knowledge than software. You can make a decent website with Windows Notepad if you know what you're doing.

    Google "website templates" if you want a starting point with little to no effort.
    Also someone in your clan will have to learn HTML as a bare minimum.
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    Thank you for the quick response, I'll look into what you have said.

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    Have you thought about joomla or wordpress, there are many tutorials for working with them. I'm starting with joomla and it has seemed pretty easy and I do not know anything about design

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