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    Default Difference between H77 and Z77 chipsets?

    First time post. the question is in the thread title.

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    Z77 has overclocking.

    thats about it in reality.
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    So the h77 cant overclock whilst the z77 can?

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    Mostly correct, yes. In actuality H77 can overclock, it's just bad at it -> It won't let you increase the default frequency past the max turbo frequency and IIRC I don't think you can adjust voltages either (that might just be something that exists on boards I've used though, might not be a chipset thing).

    What deathy says pretty much sums it up: If you want to overclock you should definitely get a Z77 board (as H77 OCing is very limited and mostly pointless).

    EDIT: And according to google (I just looked it up) you also can't run multiple video cards with H77.
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