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    Thumbs up The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind [LAN MOD]

    Morrowind Multiplayer Mod

    For all of those people wishing that Morrowind would of gone online back in 2003.

    This allows you to play along side with a friend through LAN on the game Elder Scrolls 3 Morrowind.

    If you download hamachi you will be able to play with up to 5 people.



    Download 1: BAMF(165.8kb) || Readme
    Download 2: MWScriptExtender Runtime(80.0kb)
    Optional: MWScriptExtender Developer Package(1.47mb)

    Unzip and to the Morrowind root directory so that Bamf.exe and MWScriptExtender.exe rest adjacent to Morrowind.exe. Make sure to include all files in the zips. Currently only supports Bloodmoon 1.6.1820.

    Click here to download Bloodmoon 1.6.1820 patch

    Find a partner using any chat service and establish a connection via their IP. If you are already connected through hamachi you should be able to skip the router port step

    Router step: Make sure that whoever is hosting has their firewall or router set to allow connections on port 6112. Now download some multiplayer-enabled plugins and follow the attached instructions:

    Download: Barter Barrel || Readme

    Share items with your friend in real-time.

    Download: Basic Multiplayer || Readme

    Travel throughout Vvardenfell with your friend, basic navigation and combat with streaming stat synchronization.

    Download: Redistributable Libraries
    If Windows complains about a missing DLL or OCX, try downloading this package of redistributable libraries and dumping them in your System32 directory. Things like the VB6 Runtime Library will definitely be needed.

    Connection Tutorial

    The download links are above, but the picture shown below is still useful.

    Alright, the readmes are lacking in information for connecting, so here’s a little >tutorial on how to do it:

    Basic Connection Tutorial

    1. Download,, the Barter Barrel, and Basic Multiplayer from the downloads page

    2. Unzip all those zip files into the Morrowind root directory, so the path should look something like this in the zip: Extract To toolbar

    C:\Program Files\Bethesda Softworks\Morrowind

    3. Once all the files have been extracted, load up Morrowind, go to Data Files, and select the data files hasitemequipped, mp_barterbarrel, and arena. (Note: The file hasitemequipped isn’t necessary for multiplayer to work)

    4. Load up the Bamf.exe file located in your Morrowind root directory.

    5. If you are hosting, skip this section (but make sure port 6112 is open on your router, if you have one)

    If you are joining into a game, enter the IP of the host computer into the proper tab at the top. You will need to get this IP from the host. If you installed hamachi, ask your host to give you his hamachi IP. If you are playing over a LAN, place their LAN ip into the connection bar. If you’re playing over the internet, place their external ip into the connection bar.

    Once you enter the IP, hit the connect button. If the IP is correct, the yellow area should change color to green, and say something like “Connected to peer”.

    (Note: That black bar is there just because I didn’t want my whole IP posted)

    6. Once both players are connected, select your character save. Preferably, don’t use a quicksave or autosave. Use a save with a unique name instead. Make sure both players have selected their saves before moving on to step 6.

    7. Hit the “Transplant” key now. Let one player do this, and once that’s done, let the other player do it. Last time I tried transplanting at the same time as my friend, our connection was lost. The transplant key swaps any necessary system resources that are not on both computers (like mods for example). A progress bar will come up stating how much time is left in the transfer.

    8. Once both transplants are finished, hit “Launch Morrowind”. The game will load just like normal. Now choose the same savegame you chose earlier in step 6, and go out and find your friend! It’s best to choose a cell to meet up with your friend in, such as Seyda Neen.

    Commonly Asked Questions:

    Q: Why can’t we connect?
    A: Either you don’t have Bloodmoon, or Bloodmoon isn’t updated to version 1.6.1820. You can get the patch here:

    Q: Why is my friend “Fargoth the Muppet”?
    A: Your character save data wasn’t properly transplanted. Exit out and try transplanting again.

    Q: Why does singleplayer crash now?
    A: You still have the “hasitemequipped”, “mp_barterbarrel”, and “arena” mods enabled. Disable them and singleplayer will run fine.

    Q: Does this mod only support 2 people right now?
    A: Yes, but if using hamachi you can play up to 5

    Q: Can you chat ingame?
    A: Not in the current version. Use a program like Ventrillo or Teamspeak until the ingame chat is usable, or skype.

    I am currently the only one working on the development. This Mod was not made by me nor do i take credit for this mod. I left the makers information in all readme

    If you would like to help with the development or have questions you can contact me on skype
    Skype: omfg_wtf_man

    Virus Free - Free to scan every file -
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    I can't believe you brought this mod back! I've been looking forever now and finally found a actual download link! All the other links for it were dead. Are the AI synced or is it just the players for now?

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    Looks amazing! But I'm having an issue, when I try using the MWSE version that I downloaded here, it gives me an "Application load error T:0000065432", and when I try using the latest version of MWSE, I'm not connected to my friend. I'm using Steam. Any ideas on why that's happening?

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    The mod doesn't seem to have the launching problems with the latest MWSE and the latest MWSE seems to work as long as you launch it as admin but the mod doesn't want to connect (Bamf isn't communicating with the game?)

    MWSELog.txt only shows Player 1 connecting and Player 2 is nowhere to be found.
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    Same here. Does anyone know of a way to use the older version of MWSE? It seems like that version would work.

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    I think this calls for a social.

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    It'd be a buttload better than any other MMO on the market at the moment.
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    Very important question:

    Do all players exist in one game, or every one has his own? I mean, do we actually play the game with friend, or just our game sends a NPC who act almost as we are in our game and vice versa?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Souwaylier View Post
    Very important question:

    Do all players exist in one game, or every one has his own? I mean, do we actually play the game with friend, or just our game sends a NPC who act almost as we are in our game and vice versa?
    Yeah it sends a NPC, It doesn't update very much though.

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    i get this when I start up bamf componet 'MSWINSCK.OCX; or one of its depencies not correctly registered: a file is missing or invalid

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