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Thread: Godzilla (2014)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tyranties View Post
    If you lob missiles into a fluffin Cyclone, will it stop the cyclone? Nooooooo.
    Sure it does. Haven't you seen Sharknado?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jackablade View Post
    Sure it does. Haven't you seen Sharknado?
    The centrifugal force of a carcarion carcarius differs from that of Godzilla.
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    Watching this really just drove home the fact for me that reason why they have had so much trouble making and why we will never see big lovecraft/chtulhu movie. Hollywood just does not want a movie where they can't cram in a love story and it must have a happy ending where the humans save the day. Usually by some gruff military dude.

    If you had removed the love story from this movie it would not have changed in the slightest, hell the only reason women exist in this movie is to be a love interest from the main characters.

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    The version from the late 90' is absolutely cool. Okay, it's a movie of my childhood but at least there was a plot, not only a action.
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    Sweet jesus that looks good.

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