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    Default Thief - the movie

    I suspect it would be better as a mini-series than a movie given the amount of content in each game. Still, they could do a good job I suppose.

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    Interesting that they're basing the movies on the original games and not the new, expensive reboot. I wonder if that's confirmed or just the writer speculating.

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    Is the new game really a reboot though? I'm really undecided either way. It lacked a lot of the old elements like the Hammerites, Pagans and Keepers. Garrett himself didn't seem to have his mechanical eye either (you could find one during one of the missions also). However, Basso clearly seems to be the same person as from the other games since they even mention the girl Garrett helps liberate.

    It's more of a disconnected sequel than a reboot I think.

    The original game is a better target for a movie anyway I feel. It had a lot more atmosphere to it.

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    I think that the movie is good, as well. I don`t actually like sitcoms notext cause it takes a lot of time to watch them. But.. It depends on a person- someone enjoys sitcoms, other people like movies.

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