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    Default Newly registered User? Post in here and we'll give you access to the forum

    Hi there
    If you're a new person who's only just registered to our forum for the first time, you've probably noticed that you can't currently post anywhere else. That's because we get an awful lot of spam bots here. Fear not though. Just post a little introductory message here - make it something coherent so we can see you're not a sneaky spambot, and we'll give you access to the rest of the forum. Note that it might take a day or two to organise.

    To keep this thread clean, I've set it so registered users can't post in here. I think.


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    Hello Jackablade,

    I am a new registered user on this forum and i am very happy to be a part of it. Can you tell me what are the terms and condition to create a new post on this forum?

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    Hi there,

    I have just registered and would like to be able to post in the other forums.


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    Hello! I'm not really sure what to say here exactly... But hello I guess.

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    Here's another newbie. I'm a Finnish Psychology Master's student, doing research on game preferences through positive psychology. I have a web questionnaire, which I was wondering if I could post here. I'm trying to get as varied answers as possible. I can put the link here already so yous'll see that it's no spam site.

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    Posting in here to get "registered?" i guess.. Also, on a side note, i'd have loved to actually register here ... but apparently i'm "not human?"

    just a bit peeved off right now, was just about to buy a years sub but can't even get that done.

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