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    Default New Sign Up Issue Fixed

    So, apparently new sign ups haven't been enabled to post for some time.

    If you signed up and haven't been able to access the forums, we are really really sorry and here, have a cookie, and we've fixed it now!

    Hopefully stay tuned, 'cause there's life in this ol' box of bones yet...
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    It was meant to stop bots getting in although the system was always pretty useless.

    Admin had to go in to the unapproved user list and find users who looked like real people and not bots, based on user name and what they'd written in their profile. They then had to individually go through and approve each one and save it. The user wasn't sent any kind of notification so even when they were eventually registered, they had no way of knowing.

    We'll presumably get a few spam bots popping up now, but it's definitely better than what we had.

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