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    Default WTB: PC Powerplay #073 Mag

    Hey all,

    After a bit of an odd one but I figured id try any ways.

    Im after an old copy of a PC Powerplay magazine (hard copy not soft copy) and iv hit up whirlpool, gumtree, ebay and some others without luck.

    Issue is PCPP#073

    If you do have it or know where to find it let me know, id be keen to swing you a few to take it off your hands.
    Im Sydney based but im hoping a magazine wont be too hard to post


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    Heh I had this before I threw my entire collection out after advertising it free here for awhile.

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    I was about to advertise/offer my entire collection until I read this
    Be a real shame to chuck them.

    I did even offer them to that IT/Graphic/Game company about a year ago and they too were not interested.

    Anyone interested in them PM me or see the advert online at Gum tree.

    Location - Just north of Brisbane
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