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    Jesus. I popped back in to see how active this place was, and this is the most active thread? in Rhubarb all year?

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    The coffin lid creaks every now and again... but mostly the dust and tumbleweeds rule in here...
    In the light universe I have been darkness. Perhaps in the dark zone I can be light...

    Take the boat, promise me
    Never to tell
    The secrets you know,
    Of the Angel in Hell.

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    Yay - I'm a tumbleweed, fear my .. .. somethingsomething :}
    Kondrakin : No point being frustrated when all the great knowledgeable folks here can help - and they work cheap :}
    Havsco : Are you calling me a whore? Oh wait....
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    I came back with high hope's, i won't give up!

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    I can't believe it's still here.

    Also can't believe how easy some people have it. If you got on top of RSI after so many years, it was just a matter of adaptation to pain and some limitations. Glad you have a family tho. The urge to provide is a great motivator for challenging tolerable conditions - to fight for them. Gives you meaning.

    Also about a billion times more real than 'internet communities'.

    Going back, before Catweazle turned up. That guy was always angling for a role here, funny to see him spoken of in such apparent awe all these years later. Like a blink in time. Sand castle empires. To come back now and see it, reminds me of that movie, The Man Who Would Be King. Ridiculous really.

    Funny to see all the old contributers, many just living normal lives. Must be so nice to have that, without earning it yeah? Just like a gift from God, right in your lap without even trying. Sleep, work, friends, family. Must be so easy

    It's a world of have and have nots, and it is a terrible waste how haves feel themselves qualified to judge have nots. Even tho they could turn into a have not at any moment. A farcical system - but this is what life is.

    They just judge you from the sidelines, as they must.

    Anyway, I might just leave it at one post. I don't care about your comments. Good thing about a dead forum is that there are none.

    I only recognise a few of these names. So long ago. fluff me some of them are old.

    Even Harvey Smith came out and said he screwed up on DXIW. He still came out of that with enough cash to buy into Arkane. What a laugh it all is. So easy when God gives you everything you need to build.

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    Don't worry dude, he's just,

    A Drifter.

    Jake B, Seven neeewwwwws! I came back to complain about my hernia haha.
    The world is the dreamland where we get to share with others.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Coconut Monkey View Post
    I hammered this place pretty hard when I was at uni between 2000 and 2005. Lots of good times were had. I even made two IRL friends from here. Times changed though. Traffic died down, I developed RSI in my arms, and gaming took a back seat, eventually stopping complelely. The last 6 years for me have been focussed on a new career, starting a new relationship, ending it, getting back together again, moving house, having a son, getting married, and finally sorting out my RSI issues.

    For those of you who are interested, Catters is currently on a road trip around Australia with Mrs Catters.

    While I'm here, I might as well ban some spammers and delete some posts.
    Haha, how awesome is it to see someones life so far summed up in a paragraph! No dissing, but I mean, being active in '04 I was in yr12 and loved the shit out of this place. Many years later, you're life kinds of looks like 10 seasons of 'Friends' being summarized. I'm sure there's tons more detail, but still its very interestnig to see.

    Be great to see all the old school people in an reunion of such. Do you keep in touch with Catters?
    The world is the dreamland where we get to share with others.

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    Yay one of the old school forum users, I remember seeing you around on here quite a lot, Jack_Rabbit!

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    Quote Originally Posted by JacK_RabBiT View Post
    Do you keep in touch with Catters?
    Here and there. He's been posting his road trip adventures online for friends and family so I mainly keep an eye on him that way.
    Bored silly.

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