Electronic waste management is a top discussing topic in today. Electronic wastes are non-degradeable wastes,they will not soluble in soil, long years after if you dig the same place you can see the electronic equipment that you have put it long years ago. Materials that used to make electronic equipment contain chemicals and other toxic components, so if we dispose it without any steps it will destroy our nature, health etc. There are different companies for computers, televisions, cell phones, VCRs, fax machines, batterys, audio equipments etc. Controlling electronic waste is a very important, this is a serious problem and government took decisions to manage, control and maintain steps. Disposal of electronic waste to soil may degrade the minerals present in them, it will destroy the growth of plants, trees and animals. Diseases caused due to poor e –waste management are cancer, inflammation, cardiovascular diseases, DNA damage, oxidative stress etc. World can’t stop using electronic equipment so dispose and manage it without destroying nature.When you see a old person and ask what is the condition of today and 20 years before, the answer is completely different. There are farmers who dependent on agriculture, they work on soil, they see nature as their mother. They love to hear the sweet songs of birds, they love nature, they work on soil, they like to smell soil. They use natural products to grow crops, grains, plants and trees ,they don’t use chemicals, fertilizers. Farmers where very hardworking, innocent, honest persons. But now, the condition is totally different ,the parents did not allow their children to walk through the soil. Technology is advancing day to day, Without electronic equipment people cannot live today. In all spheres of life, electronic materials are used. It start from our kitchen. See the hands of kids they have mobile phones with them.