PCPP Issue #259 is on sale now. Here's a sneaky peek at what you can find inside:

* James Cottee talks to Brad Wardell of Stardock about the upcoming old-school reboot, Stardock: Origins.

* Nathan Lawrence chats with Mass Effect: Andromeda producer, Mike Gamble about life beyond the trilogy.

* The PCPP crew and contributors run down their picks for Game of the Year, 2016.

* On the games front we review; Space Hulk: Deathwing, RE 7: Biohazard, Infinity Wars Reborn, Memoranda and more.

* Bennett Ring goes in depth with the new Kaby Lake processors as well as benchtests four new Z270 mobos.

* We also review the first gaming mouse and keyboard from Creative, sit our arses in the ZQ Racing Alien gaming chair, have a play with the Scuf Infinity controller and more.

* Bennett Ring and David Hollingworth head to CES to bring you all the hottest tech trends for the coming year.

* Anthony Fordham flashes back to 2008, the year that spawned Spore and sees dicks everywhere.

Other things

PCPP 259 is on sale now. Buy a copy for yourself and another for each insane comment made by Donald Trump in the next 30 days.