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    In between bouts of Diablo 3 I've been playing Dark Souls 3 and actually using my PS4 to play Infamous : Second Son. Unfortunately I exceeded my download limit this month and wasnt able to completely get Middle Earth : Shadow of War downloaded so have to wait for that - damnit :{
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    Call of duty black ops III and Assasin's Creed

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    Thanks to PC Powerplay, been playing AC: Origins, loving it.... its got an identity crisis since it feels like Far Cry a tad now, but as a lover of that series, i don't consider it a bad thing.

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    Lots of War Thunder and GTA: Online at the moment.

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    I'm back to Diablo II and I'm trying to install Ufo Enemy Unknown. Great old games!
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    Struggling that damn arena-fights' patterns in Hillsfar. I've started to recognize some sequences my opponents use, but it's still pain more pain in the butt then enjoyable retro evening
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