PC PowerPlay issue 261 goes on sale tomorrow, Thursday April 20th, so here's a sneaky peek at some of the goodies you can find inside.

* James Cottee talks to Paul Arendt of Failbetter Games about Sunless Skies.

* David Wildgoose goes hands on with the robopocalyptic, Dark Souls in an exoskeleton action game, The Surge.

* David Hollingworth heads to Katowice, Poland, to see the Intel Extreme Masters.

* We collate your votes for Reader's Game of the Year.

* We review Mass Effect: Andromeda, Nier: Automata, Ghost Recon: Wildlands and more.

* In tech, Bennett delves deep into the new AMD Ryzen CPU range, putting both the R7 series and R5 series through their paces to see how they stack up to Intel's offering, and Ben Mansill benchmarks the stonkingly powerful Geforce GTX 1080Ti.

* Other things

PCPP 261 goes on sale April 20. Buy a copy for yourself and another for every policy flipflop from the Australian or US governments.