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    Default New SSD now, or replace the CPU/Mobo/SSD later?

    Last full upgrade was late 2012.

    Currently I have:

    i5 3570
    Gigabyte GA-Z77M-D3H-MVP Mobo
    16 GB DDR3
    PSU Antec 620W HCG
    120GB 330 Series Intel SSD

    Recently added a GTX 1080 and Acer x34

    So I saw today there's an ebay tech sale with Samsung EVO 850 500GB for $220 or 1TB for $428 and figure I might as well look into it. As I'd expect given its age, reviews suggest it's a lot faster than my old one.

    But then I start looking further to compare the 850 to other options and before I know it I'm down the PC upgrading rabbit hole: NVMe? Supposedly MUCH faster than SATA but I'd need a new mobo. Ok, and then there's Ryzen getting good reviews.

    Ultimately, I mostly like the idea of a faster much larger SSD for my boot drive - but if I'm going to go through the hassle of a windows install now, I'd want to see if it's a good time to upgrade the mobo and CPU too.

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    Hey FunkyGibbon (Great username btw)
    SSDs are still pretty decent through sata as I'm sure you know, but it really depends on if you think the NVME drive's time saving is really worth it

    You're right though, Ryzen is pretty great if you have a lighter gaming focus with workstation tendencies, otherwise your current CPU seems fine (Depending on the games you play)

    All up, you would be looking at a $700 upgrade for a decent CPU, supporting motherboard, and an NVME drive

    Did you have a budget in mind?
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    NVME isn't cost effective but you could really use an i7.

    You could get a 2nd hand i7-3770k:

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    Having used both, In the real world NVMe doesnt mean much. Storage size is still better then all out speed.

    I can kinda feel a difference between a SATA 3 SSD and the samsung pro with its 3000+ mb/s and it wasnt that impressive.

    Just get the bigger SSD and wait for a new CPU-MOBO-RAM combo.
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