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    No, I'm clean. Doctor put me on a tapering off program. Took me 10 weeks but I go there. At my worse, I was taking 120 panafen plus pills a day, I'm surprised I'm still breathing to be honest. I get bloods done soon to see what damage I've done but I'm pretty certain I'm okay. I don't feel like something's not right, I have always had a very strong stomach.

    Good luck getting off caffeine. Personally, I love coffee!!

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    Yay you - awesome effort :}

    I love coffee also but I'm getting on a bit now - well not really but just ask my kids :} - so I thought I'd try get a bit healthier and also maybe sleep more. Been on between 4 and 6 hours sleep (on a good day) for the past 20 years. Getting fed up with yawning my head off at 2pm each day heh. Decaf for a while to see what happens :}
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    LOL, I find caffeine actually sends me off to sleep rather than keep me awake. I guess it affects people in different ways. My sister is terrible, she has about 10 cups a day and is a heavy sleeper ;-)

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    #RIPCPP - I like this!

    way to fail to reach 10k, untitled.

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    What was the name of that guy who used to work for Tantalus? Jack something?
    I would have hoped I'd would have made a bigger impression

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