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    Hiya folks

    LAST EDIT: 19th JULY 2017

    I realise from some other threads that this may not be the most active of forums, i'll keep this open in a tab and will check back from time to time (hopefully a few times a week). Will also update if i acquire missing parts, even if it is from another source.

    I have some gaps in my PC powerplay collection, i'm in Adelaide and happy to pay for what i need in order to get this collection as complete as possible.

    Missing Issues:
    Issues #1-#12 (1996-1997) - Don't need coverdiscs, just want the magazines.
    Issue #120 (Xmas Special 2005) + Coverdisc
    Issue #225 (March 2014) + Coverdisc
    Anything between #228 -> #241 / #244 -> #262
    Would want all the above WITH coverdiscs.

    Replace Issues (I have these but mine are damaged so only replace if i get offered an excellent condition one)
    Issue #20 (Jan 1998)
    Issue #48 (May 2000)

    COVERDISC STUFF: (Will be willing to purchase entire issue again if you do not wish to seperate mag from disc)
    Issue #135 (Feb 2007)
    Issue #172 (Xmas 2009)
    Issue #182 (October 2010)

    Thank you for your time, email notifications are on so i should reply quickly if you can help me.
    I have a few extras left over myself, but will do that post at a later stage - IE, i can trade too
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