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    Default Fill gaps in my collection

    Hiya folks

    LAST EDIT: 16th November 2017

    I realise from some other threads that this may not be the most active of forums, i'll keep this open in a tab and will check back from time to time (hopefully a few times a week). Will also update if i acquire missing parts, even if it is from another source.

    I have some gaps in my PCPowerplay collection, i'm in Adelaide and happy to pay for what i need in order to get this collection as complete as possible.

    Missing Issues:
    Issues #1 -> #9 and #11 -> #12 (1996-1997) - Don't need cover discs, just the magazines.

    Missing Coverdiscs:
    2014 #225, 228-234
    2015 #235-238, 240, 241, #244 -> #256
    2016 #247, #253 -> #255

    Thank you for your time, email notifications are on so i should reply quickly if you can help me.
    I have a few extras left over myself, but will do that post at a later stage - IE, i can trade too
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    Hi IvanEBC, I have issue #10, 20, 120 (no coverdisc for #120 though)
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    Hey man, thanks for taking to time to write here.

    Yeah i'm very interested in grabbing what you got.
    Not sure the best way to swap details in such a public place, so i'll start with facebook at least and see if we can be friends there and private chat so we can swap details and work out some payment
    my facebook link is - add me as a friend.


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    NOTE: The deal went down, and very happy. Original Post updated.....

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    Quote Originally Posted by IvanEBC View Post
    NOTE: The deal went down, and very happy. Original Post updated.....
    Hey, I've got a couple of milestone issues here if you're interested. Last trade of the forums?

    Issue 1 (x2!) + 1 CD
    Issue 50
    Issue 100
    Issue 125 - 10th Anniversary

    Bonus issue of Hyper 200.

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    Yeah great thanks for dropping by - well i'm only after issue 1, and i don't even need the CD (i have all of them somehow)

    You likely saw my post on facebook? We can nut out a deal there incase these close down mid way through the deal (I'll be at work tomorrow so we might not be able to trade all info in time). Basically, happy to gift paypal some cash to you, you can name your price and postage and let me know your paypal email address, if no paypal, i'll direct deposit.

    Look me up on facebook @ - or email directly - i guess that's safe since these forums will disappear shortly ....

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