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    Default Creationism takes hold in universities

    This is an article from Wednesday Feb 22, 2006 from the sydney morning herald.


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    Default Creationism takes hold in universities

    I think Grishnakh referred to this in the other thread.

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    Default Creationism takes hold in universities

    Really? Can't find it anywhere.

    This is the bit I found interesting, given the "99.9% of all scientists believe in evolution (biogenesis, not adaption)" that has been common for the last 10 years. It seems this won't be a valid argument for much longer.

    "I've got no problem with an all-powerful God producing everything in six days," he said calling it an early example of the six-day week. most of the next generation of medical and science students could be creationists, according to a biology teacher at a leading London college. "The vast majority of my students now believe in creationism," she said, "and these are thinking young people who are able and articulate and not at the dim end at all."

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    Default Creationism takes hold in universities

    The matter was certainly mentioned in the thread about 'Creation Science', and does not need another thread of its own.

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    Creationism is true and the Earth is flat. Oh, wait. April Fools Day was a week ago.
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