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    First time runner. I'm training for 2 - 4 - 6k "marathons".
    I thought 2k was easy, and it wouldn't take time for me to reach 4k. But man, it's pure willpower and endurance.
    I have difficult time doing just 3k.
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    BroScience dude is currently doing a series on the Rock's channel which is hilarious.

    I'm currently trying to rework my training regime into my ridiculous 60+ hour week work schedule right now. Switching to a gym closer to home to try to get in some weekend training and looking around for what suits me best. Hate weights work but know I need to do it. Loathe cardio, but not as much as weights. Working on upping my running endurance (I haven't got any currently) and lactic tolerance (again - I haven't got any). Stupid health issues. Blegh.
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    Hernia means for the next '6-12' months worth of waiting for surgery, (which I've waited for confirmation about a month ago) has me growing skinnier! Sitting around and wasting away.

    I'm sooo gonna do a short film where I'm fighting and being all skinny, finish filming 4 months later when I'm jacked up so I can pretend to go Super saiyan, hehehe... The only way to stay positive while avoiding heavy or hard training. I don't want to make the tear any bigger to increase recovery after -_-*
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