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    Default Official Fitness Thread

    K, over the past 2 or so months since moving to Newcastle I've been going to the gym heaps and being quite un-nerdy, I've gained quite a lot of muscle and lost about 15kg. 4kg of it last week! [Due to the boxing lessons I started most likely]

    Anyway, itís got me thinking about what other people do to get fit [if you do anything?]


    3-4 times I go to the gym

    Do weight work for about 30min

    Go on the bike for 10min

    Then the Rower for 10min

    Then the walker for another 10min [setting the incline quite high] doing walking and running on it

    Then on Tuesday I go to a boxing cardio work class

    Then on Thursday I go to the boxing technique class

    On days that I don't go to the guy I will lift weights at home and do sit-ups and push-ups.

    I have found it to be quite fun doing this, not just hard work, cos each week I'm trying to better my last weeks achievements.

    I now weigh 96.5kg My aim it to get down to 80

    With going to the gym comes a new diet, I decided to go with the CSRIO diet, it gives you everything you need to survive on a daily basis without eating to much.

    So what do you do?

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    Default Official Fitness Thread

    I don't own a car.
    I eat lots of vegetables + fruit + fish with a bit of red meat occasionally.
    Push ups, sit ups, weight training.

    I've maintained my weight @ 94kgs for the last 2 years by doing this.

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    Default Official Fitness Thread

    I ride. Lots.

    Climb. Lots.

    Swim. Lots.

    Eat like a ninja.

    And make regular sacrifices to Odin.

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    Default Official Fitness Thread

    Not much. I walk or ride lots everyday to maintain my weight, and 60 sit ups and 30 push ups everyday. It seems to work, i lose about 1kg a week?

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    Default Official Fitness Thread

    I really need to start working out and getting more exercise. I've been really lazy for the last few months. But now it's too damn hot to go outside and do anything, and I finally got some tennis racquets so I can play over the road :x

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    Quote Originally Posted by Master_Keith
    Not much. I walk or ride lots everyday to maintain my weight, and 60 sit ups and 30 push ups everyday. It seems to work, i lose about 1kg a week?
    So your weight should be negative soon.

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    Default Official Fitness Thread

    Just mainly walking. Since my gym membership ran out like 4months ago i have stopped going.

    Btw Generator what gym do you go to?

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    Default Official Fitness Thread

    Just lost a heap of bodyfat whilst planting Orange tree's in WA. I'm gonna hit the gym ASAP and hopefully I'll end up looking like Mark Wahlberg.

    I got a bit of a kickstart into losing my gut earlier in the year when I got real crook, I'm only about 60kg now, so I wanna put on a good 20kg or so.

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    Default Official Fitness Thread

    I train 4-5 days a week just on weights. I only do cardio once every third week, as I walk to work most days.

    I train different parts of my body each day, Monday is chest/tri's, Tuesday is back/bi's, Wednesday is shoulders/traps, Thursday is legs, Friday is whatever I feel I hadn't worked well that week and Saturday usually is just abs/bi's. Sunday is my rest day, if I've had a good week I'll have Monday as a rest day as well.

    On the rare days I can't get to the gym, I'll just do some basic weight exercises with my own equipment.

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    Default Official Fitness Thread

    Wii Sports?

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